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Better for your Baby the Environment

The Nappi Nippa was invented when a father was tired of constantly stabbing himself or his children whilst trying to change a nappy. He found this new method much quicker and easier to use.

The Nappi Nippa is a T-shaped fastener, that stretches and grips easily to the front of a real (reusable) nappy to hold it snugly and firmly in place. It was an instant success with over 80 million sold worldwide.

Nappi Nippas was established over 25 years ago when we started trading in March 1994 and is the sole U.K.
distributor of the Snappi diaper fastener. During 
this period we have witnessed an enormous growth in the real nappy sector. More and more people are realising the devastating effect disposable nappies have on the environment and the health of their children.

Nappi Nippas brings nappy fastening into the 
21st century and can be used from birth, whatever the weight and size of your baby, right through to potty training. Its versatility guarantees a safe and snug fit every time.

The new Size 2 Nappi Nippa is recommended for larger babies and toddlers aged 16+ months and will comfortably fit up to a 30″ waist.

Nappi Nippas is made from a stretchy non-toxic material. Its T-shape is designed specifically for real nappies, with grips at the end of each tab. These grips embed into the nappy fabric to ensure a comfortable fitting nappy with enough natural movement for the baby. Nappi Nippas is available in a range of bright bold and pastel or neon colours.