Exploding the Myths of Real Nappies:

There are many myths surrounding the use of real nappies… here are a few of the facts:

They leak: Cotton nappies are no more likely to leak than disposables as long as they are fitted correctly.

They cause a nappy rash: Independent studies show that frequent nappy changing is the key to avoiding a nappy rash and the type of nappy used is not a determining factor.

They smell once used and have to be sterilised: Used cotton nappies can be stored in either a bucket with a lid or a container filled with water. Both will prevent them from smelling. Modern washing machines clean well enough that there is no need for sanitising cloth nappies.

Cloth nappies create extra loads of washing: Cloth nappies can be washed with the rest of your families washing. Heavily soiled nappies can be easily pre-washed or soaked. On average, families that use real nappies carry out a wash every 2-3 days. Overall the cost of washing real nappies (including the cost of detergents), is minimal compared to the environmental cost of disposables.

Nurseries and childminders won’t use real nappies: Nowadays child carers are happy to use real nappies as they are now so widely used. Real nappies also reduce the nurseries costs for the disposal of clinical waste.

My child is used to disposables it’s too late to convert to cloth: 
It is never too late to convert to cloth and it will even help to potty train your child quicker, saving you even more money.